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Trust our team to get those big bulky items through tight spaces with ease and precision.

When the claw foot bathtub of your dreams doesn’t fit through your dream home’s door, the certified moving professionals at The Padded Wagon have you covered. We will safely and efficiently hoist it through the window or over a balcony and into your home. Our team of highly trained professionals will be responsible for safely guiding the piece away from any obstacles, and into – or out of – your space.

We have the team of experts and the hoisting equipment you need. Unless you are a certified crane operator in your spare time, this is one area where you MUST leave it to the professionals. Otherwise, you’ll lack the tools, know-how, and experience to handle placement or removal of your bulkiest items safely. Attempting a DIY with this kind of project is a disaster waiting to happen. But the team at the Padded Wagon has your back. We will keep your bulky valuables, your building facade, and your ego safe from harm.

We have the technology and tools, as well as the innovative training to make sure your belongings get the precision and care they need. Whether you live in a NYC high rise, a walkup with narrow spaces, or any other building that makes it feel like you’re trying to fit a square peg through a round hole, we will get your large pieces positioned exactly the way you need, in a safe way that will save you stress and time and prevent damage to your valuables or your home.

Whether you’re moving a couch, an antique armoire, or a piano, we’ll make sure it fits like a dream, and we will save you the nightmare of attempting to do it yourself without the appropriate preparation.

Estimates are determined by weight, height of the hoisting, and accessibility. Call us with inquiries about our hoisting and craning services, and we’ll take care of the rest.