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Commercial Movers NYC

Commercial Moving

Padded Wagon gets you moved, so you can get back to business faster

Whether you’re moving within the same building or to an entirely new location, moving your commercial business can be a complex and challenging task. You need a system in place for what needs to be broken down, packed up, transported, unpacked, set up, organized and plugged in. Who has time for all of that coordination while you’re running an organization? We encourage you  to forget it all!

Trust our commercial movers to move any size business, with any amount of complicated coordination, any time (including early morning and weekend hours to keep your business running).

We’ll get you up and running with as little downtime as possible. We will work with you to make sure your commercial business doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to staying productive and organized during a detailed move.

One of many benefits of choosing The Padded Wagon as your expert commercial moving company is that what can usually be an overwhelming task to orchestrate, will become simple and seamless, and get you back to work fast.

Save time and energy trusting the highly trained team of movers at the Padded Wagon to take on your commercial move. Whether you’re attempting a quick relocation, or a complex commercial move. We’ve got the experience and training that you need to get your move covered. 

Our nationwide commercial and office moving service will start you off with a professional estimator who will assess your needs, check your service access and parking bays, talk to you about building and landlord moving rules, and develop an action plan. If you need it, we’ve got a full-time team of carpenters and mechanics to disassemble and reassemble any complicated fixtures or installations, specialized bins and carts for computers, printers and electrical equipment, and specially-equipped trucks to handle heavy or bulky items like copiers and servers.

If you’re looking for a team of commercial movers in NYC or any of our nationwide locations, trust us to handle the little things too. Thinking about files, office supplies and books? We can pack (and unpack) as much as you want. Or we can or leave that up to you, and just show up when it’s moving time to get you back to business on your terms.

Reach out to the Padded Wagon team for more information on an efficient commercial move and leave the details to us.