The DIY Guide to Moving Antique Furniture

Anyone can move an ordinary piece of furniture. But when it comes to handling antique furniture, letting professionals do the job is usually the more cost-effective solution. 

However, hiring antique movers isn’t always an option. So we gathered our best antique furniture moving tips so you can do it safely on your own.   

Use this guide to move your valuable heirlooms –  whether you are relocating, or just rearranging at home.

Let’s get to it. 

Why You Need Professional Movers

Antiques pieces are built with material that are made to last a lifetime, so they’re usually heavy, fragile, or both. 

When it comes to moving antiques, you’ll need a combination of skilled movers and proper equipment to get the job done correctly. Some antique furniture pieces will not fit easily through a door. And in some cases, you’ll need special equipment to bring furniture down from a higher floor. 

Make sure the items are protected by wrapping them correctly. Then, follow our tips below on how to safely transport them. 

Wrapping Antique Furniture 

Wrapping antiques correctly becomes even more important when you’re moving them for long term storage. Antiques have four enemies – heat, direct sunlight, dryness and dirt. Consider them when preparing your items. 

Don’t wrap wooden furniture with plastic.  

Never use plastic directly on wooden furniture. Plastic traps heat and moisture, which can be damaging to wooden pieces. Instead, wrap wooden furniture in moving blankets first, then add a layer of tape or bubble wrap. You can also cover them with a sturdier material like cardboard. 

When your items are in storage, it’s best not to wrap them in layers of cloth and plastic. Instead, consider using a climate-controlled storage unit, just like the ones offered by The Padded Wagon. 

Use moving pads and blankets even if you’re just rearranging furniture. 

Are you moving the furniture to another place in your house?  You might think you don’t need to wrap them. But when it comes to antiques, it pays to be extra careful. Even minor dents and scratches can diminish the value of your furniture. 

Moving and Transporting Antique Furniture 

Before moving antique furniture, try to disassemble whatever parts you can. Detach anything that could come off during transport like the drawers, knobs, castors and wheels. 

If your antique cabinets and dressers have thin legs, you should put them upside down inside the moving truck. This protects the furniture from the bounce pressures of a moving truck. 

Use hand trucks and trolleys to move furniture. 

You can choose between a two-wheeled hand truck, or a four-wheeled square platform. And if you’re moving furniture up and down the stairs using a trolley, make sure to enlist a partner’s help. 

Use a furniture carrying strap for lifting heavy objects. 

Lifting heavy furniture can put a strain on your back. This is why you need a shoulder strap and harness. A shoulder dolly helps distribute the weight evenly on your shoulders and hips, reducing the strain on these areas when you lift the object. 

Use furniture pads to slide your cabinets easily.

Furniture pads go under each leg of your couch or cabinet. These pads are usually made of soft material that is easy to slide. They reduce the friction between the floor and furniture, allowing you to move the item more easily. 

Use a hoisting service for very heavy antique furniture

If you’ve ever wondered how to lift heavy furniture to the highest floor, the answer is hoisting. A hoist will lift your furniture up to the top floors and into the desired location in your home. 

Moving Safely

Moving antiques is no easy task, but you can manage it with adequate preparation and proper equipment. 

You should always keep safety in mind when moving heavy furniture. Damages to an antique can significantly affect its value. Consider having your antique furniture appraised again, and update its insurance before you move. 

Hire The Padded Wagon

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