10 Tips for a Successful Commercial Move

Planning on moving your business to a new location?

Just like with a residential move, the more prepared you are, the better. If you are relocating, it’s all about the details. The team at The Padded Wagon can help you plan your commercial move from start to finish. Use our recommendations while creating your plan, and you will save time, worry less, and get right back to business.

Several Weeks Before Moving

Start the purge.
Just like residential moving, there are plenty of things that don’t need to make the trip when you are moving into a new commercial property. Encourage your employees to clean out their space of clutter, decorations, and non-essential files.

Any personal items that your employees would like to bring to the new location can be personally packed away and brought to the new property when it is time to reopen for business.

As for obsolete and unused equipment, it’s time to donate, recycle, and trash those things that are just taking up space in your current location, and prevent wasting valuable square footage in your new location.

Pick your teams and have a strategy.
Know who within your company is in charge of what, and make sure it is communicated clearly and effectively to everybody involved. Plan backwards from the moving date to know exactly what needs to be done when, and who should be in charge of facilitating each part of the commercial move.

Make a trip to the new location.
Make sure you have a plan for moving and delivery of your office supplies, and furniture to ensure that everything is accessible for movers and other personnel.

Find a trusted team of moving professionals.
Pick the right experts. Our team at The Padded Wagon not only has a qualified and insured moving staff, but we also have full time carpenters and mechanics that can disassemble and reassemble any complicated fixtures or special installations with expert care.

The Padded Wagon provides a professional estimator who will assess your needs, check your service access and parking bays, talk to you about building and landlord moving rules, and develop an action plan.

As Moving Day Approaches

Label everything that you pack.
Consider color coding or using an app and stickers with QR codes so you know where everything is and you can keep track of where everything goes once it arrives. That way, you can resume business ASAP.

Stick to the plan.
Make sure you have access to elevators, parking bays, unlocked entrances and whatever else you may need to ensure your move isn’t slowed down by details you didn’t delegate.

Spread the word.
Don’t forget to let vendors, clients, and other stakeholders in your business know that you’re moving. Send out emails, update your website, social media, letterhead, and other correspondences so there’s no confusion.

On Moving Day

Consider scheduling outside of office hours.
Moving Companies like The Padded Wagon offer weekend and early morning moving availability so you don’t have to use up time that could be spent running your business.

Store it.
Maybe you don’t have room in your new building for important files or valuable equipment. The Padded Wagon offers convenient short and long term storage and a state of the art computerized storage and inventory management system that will ensure your important items have a safe and practical facility to be stored in until you need them.

Don’t do it all yourself.
When it comes to packing, unpacking, organizing and storing specialized equipment and electronics, you may prefer to leave it to the experts. The Padded Wagon offers specialized carts and bins for computers, printers and other equipment. We have custom crates for moving and storing valuable furniture, fine art and other items that require special care.

Let us unpack and organize.
You need a system in place for what needs to be broken down, packed up, transported, unpacked, set up, organized and plugged in. Who has time for all of that coordination while you’re running an organization? We encourage you to forget it all and leave it to the experts!

Keep all of your paperwork on hand.
We encourage you to read the paperwork from your moving company carefully, and keep it handy until you are happily settled in your new commercial space.

Whether you are moving a small business or a large corporation, we want to ensure you have a seamless commercial move. Check out our website for more information and follow The Padded Wagon on Instagram for more tips. Ready to talk to an associate who can get you started? Get a free estimate when you are ready to work with our pro moving team.